For the past five weeks, we have been running workshops in collaboration with Luminate, Scotland’s Creative Ageing Organisation

We invited artists working for Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for You to apply to run workshops for older people as part of the Scotland-wide Luminate Festival, which takes place during the month of May.

The successful artists were Helen Danter and Kate McMorrine, and they have been running a series of workshops around objects,  ‘Is e seo mo sgeul – My object, my story’.  At the first workshop, participants were invited to bring in an object that means something to them and to tell the story behind it.




Over the past five weeks, the group has used various techniques and explored themes such as the sea, the island and used techniques including water marbling, acrylic paint pouring and printing with food.

On Friday 31st May at 2.30pm, we will have a Sharing Event at Aros Community Theatre.  This will be an opportunity to come and see the art work created by the group of local people with Kate and Helen.  The group will present songs, poetry and stories they explored around the objects. The event is free of charge, with refreshments included.  All are welcome.

For further information phone 01478613649 or email

An exhibition will be on display at Aros from 27-31st May.  This will include a construction based on the Eames design with a mosaic of photographs, objects, art works and written word, as well as audio recordings of the stories and songs.

Is e seo mo sgeul – my object, my story’ is a joint project provided by Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for You and Luminate, Scotland’s Creative Ageing Organisation.


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