Tha sinn an dòchas gu bheil deagh shamhradh air a bhith agaibh uile! We hope you’ve all had a great summer.

We have been busy writing reports and funding applications to our funders in the last few weeks and, although this might not be the most fun of tasks, it is really great to be able to reflect on what has been a great second year for Tha Seo Math Dhuibh – Good for You.  We have held 111 workshops, ceilidhs and events this year and we have engaged over 1,800 people.

Scroll down to see some of the activities that have taken place since Septmber 2018:-

A ‘Drama for Fun’ workshop with Helen Scott-Danter at Aros in October, 2018

Lizzie, a student at West Highland College, doing artwork on the theme of Skye with Kate McMorrine

A ‘Friendly Waltz’ at the Afternoon Tea Ceilidh at Aros, March 2019

Dance practitioner, Meena Watts, and Patricia at a ‘Jolly Bolly Tea Ceilidh’ in Breakish in December, 2018.

Steven, having a go at screenprinting at a drop-in workshop with Kate McMorrine and Amanda Nairne

Kate and Marion, building an Eames structure for the ‘Is e Seo Mo Sgeul – My Object, My Story’ exhibition as part of Luminate Festival 2019

‘Is e Seo Mo Sgeul – My Object, My Story’ exhibition at Aros, May 2019

Christmas sing-along at Aros, December 2019.

Making Christmas gift labels at the sing-along event

Rope-making drop-in workshop with Caroline Dear

Participants at Kyleakin Connections drumming with the late Rick Taylor

‘Being Dementia Aware’ training event for artists, practitioners and people working in social care, delivered by Age Scotland, provided in collaboration with Luminate

A bilingual walk at Scorrybreac with Caroline Dear and Sìne Ghilleasbuig, March 2019.

Kyleakin Connections performing a play they created with Helen Scott-Danter, June 2019.

Donald Livingstone leading a monthly sing-along at An Acarsaid Care home in Broadford.

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